Top 5 iPhone Repairs in Bradenton

The last thing on our minds when we purchase our beloved iPhones is iPhone repair.  We buy iPhone cases. We’re careful when we get in and out of our cars. We even sleep with our iPhones in hopes we’ll never be apart. Unfortunately, many Bradenton residents damage their iPhones and need to get them fixed. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Switch Wireless has a long list of repairs and today we’re sharing the top five iPhone repairs we see on a regular basis in Bradenton, Florida. Without further ado:

1. iPhone screen repair.

iPhone screen repair is one of the most common repairs we do here at Switch Wireless. Accidents happen and when they do you don’t need to worry as we’ll take care of it. The most common way people damage their screens is dropping it on the concrete when getting in and out of their car. 

Bradenton iPhone repair2. iPhone water damage.

There are so many ways to get water into your iPhone. We hang over sinks while brushing our teeth. We go boating in the beautiful Bradenton summers. We even try and use our iPhone’s while having a bath.  One slip of the hand can result in your iPhone needing professional repair.

3. Drained iPhone batteries.

How long does your iPhone battery last? If it’s starting to fizzle out sooner than expected, you must likely need to get your iPhone battery fixed.  Some iPhone batteries can completely charge but they die quickly.  Nonworking batteries are usually the result of a defect in the battery and a new one will usually solve the problem.

4. iPhone impact damage.

Even though your screen might not be broken, dropping your iPhone can cause internal damage. We fix iPhone impact damage on a regular basis here at Switch Wireless.  We’ve even seen iPhone’s that have been run over by cars! Lucky for you, most smartphones are built to withstand quite a lot of pressure and we can usually fix this type of damage.

5. Damaged iPhone buttons.

Is your home button not functioning properly? Do you have to push it over and over again to work? If so, you may need to get your iPhone home button repaired. This type of damage occurs on a regular basis as iPhone buttons (such as the home button) are heavily used. Lucky for you, our Bradenton iPhone repair team is specialized in button repair.

We hope you never have to deal with a damaged iPhone, but if you do, we hope you’ll come by Switch Wireless Bradenton for all your iPhone repair needs. No appointment is needed and we’ll repair your iPhone in under two hours. All repairs come with a one year guarantee that includes parts and labor. Contact us if you have any questions!

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