Top 3 Dangers of Using Your Cracked iPhone Screen

You dropped your smartphone. Maybe you sat on it or it got crushed in your purse/bag!  It doesn’t matter how it happened. The important thing to note here is that the screen is cracked!

The question is do you get the iPhone screen repaired?

Many continue to use the iPhone with the cracked screen thinking “it’s not that bad?”, “It’s too expensive to get repaired!”, “Where do I even find a place to repair iPhone screens?”

Top 3 Dangers of Using Your Cracked iPhone Screen


Bigger Cracks

Once the screen is cracked the strength of the cover is compromised.  No matter how small the defect or how cautiously you carry your iPhone it can, and will, spread.  Considering you are constantly tapping on the screen with your fingers, it might be smart to get the iPhone screen repaired (unless you’re a thrill seeker when it comes to iPhone safety!). 

cracked iphone screen Injury

I know it sounds silly! I mean it’s just a small crack!  But as you are using your phone on a daily basis – holding it with the palm of your hand, pressing it to your ear and face when taking calls, tapping it with your finger – eventually there will be shards of glass that splinter off.  These sharp pieces can cut your face, your ear, and most importantly, your eyes.


You may not notice it very soon, but when your iPhone screen cracked the functionality and usability of the iPhone could have also been damaged!


The screen is cracked and therefore exposed to anything, which include environmental debris and toxins. Dust, dirt, moisture, liquids, grease, food particles etc. Not only will you need to repair the iPhone screen but you could cause further damage and will also be stuck cleaning out the debris that has been caught beneath the screen!

So instead of saying to yourself, “It’s not that bad!” Grab your iPhone and come into Switch Wireless today, and have us repair your cracked iPhone screen. You don’t need an appointment. Just drop in anytime.  We have excellent customer service and outstanding workmanship.  We look forward to seeing you!