The Latest iPhone 5S Rumors: NFC and Finger Tip Technology

Here at Switch Wireless, our main goal is keeping the Bradenton and Sarasota region up-to-date on the latest iPhone 5S rumors. Today, the smart phone Internet crowd has been anticipating Near Field Communication (NFC) and finger tip sensors technology for the iPhone 5S.

Near Field Communication and Finger Tip Sensors Technology

The on-screen fingertip sensor’s purpose is to enhance the NFC technology, which is used for mobile payment processing. Mobile payment methods commonly use NFC technology as a means for data transfer between a devise and a NFC chip. The fingertip sensor will be located on the iphone screen creating elevated security for mobile payments and other security-crucial applications.

iPhone 5S rumorsThese rumors have not been without merit, as Apple is currently supplied: touch display drivers and chips to support NFC capabilities by the Taiwanese company, Chipbond. Apples recent acquisition of Authen tec, a mobile security firm, has further fueled the possibility of a revamped screen for the 5S. It is said that Authen tec will phase out its current finger print sensor clients to focus solely on Apple’s development in this area.

Apples mobile payment developments have been anticipated before, with no materialization. This has in part, been due to the iPhone not being able to support a required NFC antenna. An antenna is necessary for the NFC technology-function.  The latest reports speculate that Apple may be able to accommodate the NFC antenna within the metal casing of the 5 series smart phone. None of these suspicions have been authenticated but the evidence and common-sense would dictate that on-screen fingertip sensor, and NFC technology is on the horizon for the iPhone. This is a logical evolution for the iPhone but only time will reveal the latest enhancements to the iPhone screen.

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