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Here’s What the Next iPad Will Look Like

Are you eagerly awaiting the next iPad release from Apple? We are!

Apple launches a brand new, updated version of the iPad every year (two last year if you don’t count the iPad mini). According to Internet buzz, the next iPad was supposed to look a lot like the current version of the iPad mini but in a full size version.  This means the new iPad would have a similar look and feel including a slimmer bezel and a beveled edge. …

You Might Get Your Cellular iPad Mini or 4th Gen iPad Delivered by Thanksgiving!

ipad mini delivery dateDid you order a cellular iPad Mini or 4th Generation iPad online?  If the answer is yes, you’ll be happy to know that you might be receiving your Apple devices in time for Thanksgiving! We think that is definitely a great way to celebrate Turkey Day.  According to MacRumors, there are reports that some U.S. Apple fans who pre-ordered their brand new iPad Mini’s and/or fourth-generation iPad’s have had their delivery dates bumped up to right around Thanksgiving.

Apple launched the iPad Mini and the 4th Generation iPad to the world on October 24, 2012 at a highly anticipated media event in San Jose, California. The iPad mini has next generation cellular connectivity capabilities and can also make connections globally with LTE, HSPA, HSPA+ and DC-HSPA.  The iPad Mini is also one of the first brand new Apple devices to hit the market in a long time which definitely pleased Apple fans across the globe.

The folks at Apple have been busy annoying Apple fans by moving around delivery dates for the iPad Mini and fourth-generation iPad due to the huge demand.  When pre-orders were first being accepted, Apple had initially put a similar Thanksgiving delivery date but quickly changed that to mid-November. According to today’s reports, some U.S. deliveries will make it in time for Thanksgiving.  If you’re a U.S. resident, you’ll be happy to know that cellular capable iPad Mini’s and 4th Generation iPad’s are coming here first.  Other countries will follow suit later in the month.  …