Bradenton iPhone repair

Bradenton iPhone Repair

If you’re desperately looking for iPhone repair in the Bradenton region, you’ll be happy to know you’ve landed in the right place. Switch Wireless has a specialized Bradenton iPhone repair team that will repair your iPhone in under two hours. No appointment is needed and all repairs come with a one-year guarantee that includes labor and parts. We know you have a lot of options when it comes to iPhone repair. Here’s why you should come to Switch Wireless:

Fast Service

When you visit Switch Wireless for iPhone repair, we guarantee that you’ll get your iPhone back in under two hours. Our Bradenton location is conveniently located next to shops and restaurants so you can do some shopping with friends while we take care of your iPhone.…

how to hack an iphone password

How to Hack an iPhone Password

According to a recent article on CNN, an iPhone security flaw is being exploited to access your iPhone. If you’ve ever wondered how to hack an iPhone password, you might be interested in this article. According to reports, iPhones can be accessed by the flaw which gives the culprit access to your private messages, contacts and more.  The security flaw was pointed out by a Spanish speaking individual on a YouTube video. The hacker said the security exploit can’t be used to get into other areas of your iPhone and he urged people to “play nice” when using this hack. He said to use the hack if you don’t remember a phone number, or to play a joke with your friends at a pub. We don’t think hacking into anyone’s phone is ever nice!

The video on how to hack an iPhone password showed an iPhone 5 running Apple’s iOS 6.1. This is the most recent update sent by Apple. This hack can be used on earlier versions as well. We’re wondering how in the world did this guy or gal figure this out? We bet Apple is happy that they can send security updates to all iPhones via the air! …

cracked iPhone screen

Why It’s Important to Repair Your Cracked iPhone Screen

I have an confession to make. I too have damaged my iPhone’s screen on many occasions, so I know a lot about why it’s important to fix a cracked iPhone screen.  My most common mishap is dropping my iPhone on the hard concrete while getting into my car.  It falls in slow motion to the ground as I helplessly try and grab it. Sometimes I save it, sometimes I don’t. I’ve often wondered if it’s okay to use my iPhone even though it has a cracked screen. According to the Daily Mail, many of us break our smartphone at one point or another. According to the folks at Switch Wireless, the answer is definitely NO. Here are three reasons why it’s important to repair your cracked iPhone screen:

1.  The number one reason it’s important to fix your cracked iPhone screen is your safety! Even if it’s just a small crack, the crack can easily grow until it covers the entire screen.  As you know, we use our iPhones by tapping the screen.  If you happen to tap or swipe the area that was cracked you could easily cut yourself. Don’t apply tape to the crack either as that can cause the glass to gradually break into many pieces.  It’s also important to fix your cracked iPhone screen because you hold it close to your ears and lips and you need to take care of those! …

how to fix iphone home buttons

How To Fix iPhone Home Buttons

Is your iPhone home button not working properly? Is it driving you absolutely crazy? Don’t worry, you don’t need to purchase a new iPhone just yet (unless you want a reason to purchase the brand new iPhone 5!).  Here at Switch Wireless, we pride ourselves on being iPhone experts and today we’re talking about a subject we get asked about on a regular basis: how to fix iPhone home buttons. The following fixes work for all iOS devices as well, not just the iPhone.  We’ve tested them out on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

You’ve most likely come into this problem if you’re a long time Apple fan.  Because the home button is the only button one your iPhone, it gets used frequently, and when it becomes unresponsive, you are likely to become extremely aggravated.  …

iphone 5 tips

5 Essential Tips Every iPhone 5 Owner Must Know

Apple is known for it’s simplistic brand and style. Accordingly, the iPhone 5 is minimalist in design but don’t let that fool you.  There’s a lot going in within the iPhone 5’s glass and aluminum and we’re here to share 5 tips and tricks to move you from novice to advanced status.

1.  Tap the top of your iPhone 5’s screen to scroll to the top of your screen.  This is a great tip for when you’re browsing sites such as Pinterest that have endless scrolling.  …

How to Fix iPhone 5 High Data Consumption by Updating Verizon Carrier Settings

how to install update 13.1 on your Verizon iPhone 5According to reports, Apple sold over 5 million iPhone 5‘s in the first three days since it launched in several countries, including the United States, on September 21, 2012. The iPhone 5 came fully equipped with a larger 4-inch screen, a smaller eight-pin dock connector called the lightning dock, and an Apple A6 processor. The iPhone 5 is also the first iPhone to support LTE.

Strangely, some iPhone 5 users on the Verizon network noticed that their iPhone 5’s were consuming large amounts of cellular data while the iPhone 5 was connected to a Wi-Fi network.  Thankfully, it’s easy to rectify this issue by following these instructions:

How to Update Verizon Carrier Settings to Fix iPhone 5 High Data Consumption

1.  Go to Settings > General > About on your iPhone 5.  This will cause a window to appear titled Carrier Settings Updated

2.  Tap OK to install the new settings…

How to Upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion is Apple’s highly anticipated latest operating system that includes some pretty amazing features including iCloud, Reminders, Notes, Messages, Notification Center, Power Nap, Sharing, and many more. There’s 200+ new features that are sure to make your Mac experience even better, if that’s possible. Here’s the big question on everyone’s mind. How do you…