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3 Ways to Protect Yourself with Your iPhone!

We know you love your iPhone but did you know your iPhone can actually protect you? It’s true! According to the Business Insider, there are a number of new iPhone accessories that are meant to protect you in times of need. Here at Switch Wireless, we love keeping you up to date on everything related to the iPhone. ¬†Without further ado, here are three iPhone apps that can protect you:

iPhone Taser Case

For just $139, you can purchase an iPhone taser case. You’ll have 650,000 volts of power at your disposal just in case you need it. The taser case comes in black, pink, white and yellow. Please note the iPhone taser case is only currently available for the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.…

iphone 5 costs

How Much Will Owning an iPhone 5 Actually Cost You? Much Less if You Visit Switch Wireless!

iphone 5 costsHave you ever wondered how much it will actually cost you to purchase and use an iPhone 5? Sure there’s the cost of purchasing the phone, but what about the contract fees, monthly charges, maintenance, chargers, cases, etc.? A recent article by The Huffington Post, iPhone 5 Will Actually Cost You At Least $1,800, All Things Considered, was the inspiration for this post.

Here’s some food for thought regarding how much it will actually cost you to purchase and use an iPhone 5.

Cost #1: iPhone 5

The first cost is the actually iPhone itself. A basic 16GB iPhone is $199 with a two-year contract. An iPhone without the contract is $649. If you are a heavy app user, you may want to splurge on a 32 GB which will cost you $299 with a contract.

Cost #2: Carriers and Plans

The next cost you need to think about is plans and carriers. You can use Apple’s new tool to compare plans on all three carriers. The lowest price you can get for a two-year plan is $1439.76. This plan is with AT&T and it comes with 450 minutes of talk time and pay-as-you-go text messaging. On the other hand, you’d have to pay $5,520 over two years to get unlimited talk and text with AT&T!…