Apple Aluminum G4 Powerbook


If you’re looking for Powerbook G4 repair and reside Florida, you’ll be happy to know Switch Wireless offers unparalleled Powerbook repair and upgrade services. Perhaps your Powerbook isn’t booting up properly, or you need a memory upgrade. We’ve seen it all when it comes to Powerbook G4 repairs. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 when you come to Switch Wireless for all your PowerBook G4 repair needs.

We’re excited to provide our customers with a rock solid one-year guarantee. We offer every type of PowerBook G4 repair service you need including (but not limited to): water damage, LCD replacement, SuperDrive replacement, battery replacement,and much more. You’ll be happy to know our technicians only use the highest quality parts when repairing and/or upgrading your PowerBook G4. We look forward to seeing you soon for all your PowerBook G4 repair and upgrade needs.

Aluminum G4 Powerbook Repair Services

Aluminum G4 PowerBook Diagnostic ServiceFree

Aluminum G4 PowerBook Water Damage DiagnosticFree

Aluminum G4 PowerBook LCD Replacement$259.00

Aluminum G4 PowerBook Inverter Board Replacement$149.00

Aluminum G4 PowerBook SuperDrive Replacement$249.00

Aluminum G4 PowerBook Hard Drive Upgrade/Replacement$169.00

Aluminum G4 PowerBook I/O DC Board Replacement$249.00

Aluminum G4 PowerBook Battery Replacement$149.00

Aluminum G4 PowerBook Memory Upgrade/Replacement$89.00

Aluminum G4 PowerBook Windows Installation$49.00