Apple Mac Mini Intel


You’ve definitely come to the right place if you’re looking for Mac Mini Intel repair and upgrade service in Florida. Our dedicated Mac Mini repair group offers swift and reasonably priced repair solutions. If your Mac Mini Intel is misbehaving, Switch Wireless can definitely help. We have unique Mac Mini repair methods that allow us to return your Mac within two hours. This feature alone makes us stand out from the competition. You’ll be pleased to know our technicians use the best quality parts when repairing and upgrading your Mac Mini Intel.

Here at Switch Wireless, we are 100% dedicated to providing customers with great customer service, as well as quick and efficient Mac Mini Intel repair and upgrades. We’re also proud to offer customers with a fully backed one-year guarantee. Switch Wireless offers customers every type of Mac Mini Intel repair service you might need including (but not limited to): fan replacement, back cover ports repair, interconnect board repairs, and much more.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3 when you come to Switch Wireless for Mac Mini Intel repair and upgrade services.

Mac Mini Intel Repair Services

Intel Mac Mini Diagnostic ServiceFree

Intel Mac Mini Water Damage DiagnosticFree

Intel Mac Mini SuperDrive Replacement$299.00

Intel Mac Mini Hard Drive Upgrade/Replacement$169.00

Intel Mac Mini Memory Upgrade/Replacement$89.00