Apple iMac G5


When it comes to repairing your iMac G5 in Florida, Switch Wireless is proud to be your number one option. Our skilled technicians offer the quickest and most affordable solution. Is your iMac randomly shutting down or not turning on? Does it have distorted video? Rest assured, our unique iMac G5 repair solutions are extremely fast yet reliable. We’ve seen it all when it comes to iMac repair. Here at Switch Wireless, we only use the highest quality parts when working on your iMac G5. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 when you come to Switch Wireless for iMac G5 repair and upgrade service in Florida.

Our Switch Wireless iMac G5 repair team is committed to providing customers with excellent customer service, fast repairs and industry standard repairs. We also offer our customers with a one-year guarantee on all repairs with full support. We pride ourselves in providing every type of iMac G5 repair and upgrade service you might be interested in including (but not limited to): logic board repair, liquid/water damage, hard drive upgrades, and much more. Our industry standard iMac G5 repair methods enable us to return repaired iMac’s in less than two hours in most cases. We’re proud to offer our valued customers, iMac G5 repair and upgrade service that is trustworthy, reliable and cost efficient.



iMac G5 Repair Services

Mac G5 Diagnostic ServiceFree

iMac G5 Water Damage DiagnosticFree

iMac G5 SuperDrive Replacement$169.00

iMac G5 SuperDrive Replacement$99.00

iMac G5 Hard Drive Upgrade/Replacement$169.00

iMac G5 Memory Upgrade/Replacement$89.00