Your Guide to iPhone Screen Repair in Sarasota

Did you know that the very first legendary iPhone was introduced to the world in January, 2007 at MacWorld. It sold a record breaking 146,000 units the first weekend it was unleashed to the world. Today’s iPhone is known as the iPhone 5 and it received over two million pre-orders in September, 2012.

The iPhone 5’s features include a higher-resolution 4-inch screen, a custom-designed A6 processor, ultrafast wireless technology and much more. According to Forbes, the iPhone 5 is taller than its predecessors which allows for an extra half-inch screen which allows for an extra row of icons. Additionally, the iPhone 5 screen display is a quantum leap better than the iPhone 4 with better contrast levels and color performance according to Anandtech.

One of the most common iPhone repairs we do here at Switch Wireless Sarasota is iPhone screen repair.  We created this handy guide on iPhone screen damage just in case you find yourself in this tragic situation:

iPhone Screen Repair Guide

iphone screen repair Sarasota1. Be careful! A broken iPhone screen is very sharp. Many people continue to use their iPhone’s after they damage the screen because they don’t want to spend money on the repair. Once the glass is cracked, a larger crack can appear which may result in the screen completely shattering. Because you hold your iPhone close to your ear and face, you don’t want to run the risk of cutting your face. 

2. Put your iPhone in a ziplock bag and head down to Switch Wireless Sarasota. No appointment is needed and one of our iPhone screen repair representatives will meet within minutes of walking in the door. Bring a friend and do some shopping or have a bit to eat while we repair your iPhone screen in two hours or less.

3. Breathe a big sigh of relief when we return your iPhone with a brand new screen because all repairs include a one year guarantee that includes parts and labor.  We also use the highest quality parts when repairing your iPhone screen. You might want to consider investing in an iPhone screen shield as well.

Apple continues to amaze us with the legendary iPhone. If you’re the owner of an iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS and you need screen repair, head to Switch Wireless Sarasota. We look forward to seeing you soon!