Visit Switch Wireless for Your iPhone Color Conversion

One of the biggest complaints we hear at Switch Wireless is that iPhone users are sick of the boring color of their iPhone.  According to Internet rumors, the next iPhone will be available in a variety of colors including grey, silver, blue, pink, yellow and green. But for now, our iPhone color conversion is the answer!

If you’re interested in changing the color of your iPhone, and you reside in the state of Florida, you should drop in to Switch Wireless today either in our Bradenton store of our Sarasota store.  We’re the experts when it comes to iPhone color conversion and we have a huge variety of colors to choose from.

What is an iPhone Color Conversion?

iphone color conversion

A full iPhone color conversion replaces the front cover, back cover and home button of your iPhone.  We don’t use stickers or skins.  After we’re done converting the color of your iPhone, you’ll feel like you have a brand new smartphone.  Your friends will be wondering how you managed to get your hands on such a neat looking iPhone!

When it comes to converting the color of your iPhone, the toughest part is figuring out which color to choose.  Perhaps you can use the colors from your favorite sports team? Or maybe you can match it to the color of your car? You have numerous choices and options when it comes to color, and you can also pick two separate colors – one for the front of your iPhone and another for the back of your iPhone.

The color conversion process won’t damage your iPhone in any way.  You won’t lose any functionality with your iPhone color conversion.

If you’re interested in having an iPhone color conversion from Switch Wireless, drop in to our Sarasota or Bradenton location anytime.  You don’t need an appointment and we’ll update the color of your iPhone in two hours or less.  Bring a friend and do some shopping or have a bite to eat while we look after everything.

If you’re bored with the color of your iPhone, drop in to Switch Wireless today.  We look forward to seeing you and helping you with any other iPhone issues you might have!