iPhone 5S Rumors – Will it be Entirely Aluminum?

Here at Switch Wireless, we pride ourselves on being your number one source for iPhone 5S rumors (and possibly the iPhone 6 too if Apple decides to skip 5S). Yesterday we told you about leaked iPhone 5S photos that showed a longer and leaner iPhone. Today we’re talking about the latest rumor, an all aluminum version of the iPhone according to Forbes magazine.

Keeping in line with tradition, Apple will probably launch the next iPhone in the latter part of 2013. And because Apple is known for its shrinking simplistic design, an all aluminum model would allow them to do away with unnecessary room.  The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a patent this week for microslot antenna technology which would also shrink the hardware needed to run an iPhone.

iphone 5s rumorsMikey Campbell of Apple Insider had this to say about the all-aluminum rumors,“Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 8,373,610 for ‘Microslot antennas for electronic devices,’ granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday, could drastically cut down on the size of at least one component needed to create products like the iPhone,” Campbell reports. “While the patent refers to implementations in a laptop computer, the antenna tech can be used in other portable electronics like smartphones and tablets. “

This technology can only work if the iPhone is made from conductive material which is fueling the aluminum iPhone rumors. Apple will use this technology in iPhones, iPads, Macs and all of their other devices according to MacDailyNews.

An all aluminum iPhone 5S sounds like a great choice for Apple but there are some drawbacks. First, aluminum tends to show scratches more than glass and this has caused issues for Apple in the past.  Surface wear could also be increased due to the pH levels in the iPhone’s environment.  This might lead to an increase in iPhone repair costs.

The next iPhone will most likely have an improved camera and screen, and improved battery life and many other features that Apple fans will rejoice over.

Would you purchase an all-aluminum iPhone even though it might show more surface wear? Some say an all-aluminum model would be more durable than glass and they would rather deal with the scratches than deal with iPhone screen repair. In the end, we’re sure Apple fans will line up all night for the next iPhone regardless of what material it is made out of.