How to Solve Your iPhone Battery Draining Problems

There are over 30 million iPhone users in the U.S. alone, which means there are literally millions of people interested in learning how to fix their iPhone battery draining problems. We all know iPhone’s aren’t known for their everlasting battery life and today we’re giving you some easy tips on how to stretch the life of your iPhone battery charge.

1. According to iSmashPhone, an easy way to save the battery life of your iPhone is turn off location services. All you have to do is go into Settings > Privacy. After that, switch your Locations Services off using the toggle. You can also adjust location settings for each individual application. 

how to fix drained iphone battery2. You can also try the following procedures to fix your iPhone’s drained battery: reset your network settings, turn off Bluetooth when not in use, turn off your notifications, turn off Wi-Fi when not in use, and adjust your usage report settings.

3. If step #2 doesn’t help lengthen your iPhone battery’s life, calibrating your iPhone battery is your next step. It sounds confusing but it’s not. Use your iPhone until the battery is completely dead and then charge it until it’s 100% charged before using it again. Many iPhone users have complained that their battery gauge doesn’t work properly until they calibrate their battery. Simple right?

4. Another simple way to keep your iPhone battery lasting as long as possible is to always lock your iPhone when not in use. We recommend that you set your iPhone to lock after 30 seconds of not using it.

5. Do you really need to have your screen at 100% brightness all the time? Your iPhone has a neat setting called “auto brightness function” which means it always adjusts to the ambient light of your location. You can also adjust the brightness to always be low.

6. Are you running the latest iOS on your iPhone? If not, your battery might be draining faster than it should. Apple’s iOS updates always have iPhone optimization in mind (including the battery).

7. Your iPhone is designed to work in a temperature between 0 – 35 degrees Celsius. If you want to keep your iPhone charged, stay within these temperatures.

Following these seven tips should help solve all your iPhone battery draining problems. If you’re still having problems afterwards, drop in to Switch Wireless to speak with one of our iPhone experts. We look forward to seeing you soon.