Why It’s Important to Repair Your Cracked iPhone Screen

I have an confession to make. I too have damaged my iPhone’s screen on many occasions, so I know a lot about why it’s important to fix a cracked iPhone screen.  My most common mishap is dropping my iPhone on the hard concrete while getting into my car.  It falls in slow motion to the ground as I helplessly try and grab it. Sometimes I save it, sometimes I don’t. I’ve often wondered if it’s okay to use my iPhone even though it has a cracked screen. According to the Daily Mail, many of us break our smartphone at one point or another. According to the folks at Switch Wireless, the answer is definitely NO. Here are three reasons why it’s important to repair your cracked iPhone screen:

1.  The number one reason it’s important to fix your cracked iPhone screen is your safety! Even if it’s just a small crack, the crack can easily grow until it covers the entire screen.  As you know, we use our iPhones by tapping the screen.  If you happen to tap or swipe the area that was cracked you could easily cut yourself. Don’t apply tape to the crack either as that can cause the glass to gradually break into many pieces.  It’s also important to fix your cracked iPhone screen because you hold it close to your ears and lips and you need to take care of those! 

cracked iPhone screen2.  Another important reason to repair your cracked iPhone screen is to preserve your iPhone’s resale value.  On average, an iPhone with a cracked screen loses 30 – 50% of its value instantly according to Priceonomics. A damaged or cracked screen will greatly reduce the resale value of your iPhone.  You might think that repairing your iPhone isn’t worth it as it will cost more for the repair than the value of the iPhone, but that is wrong.  The difference in resale price of an iPhone with a cracked screen and an iPhone with just a few scratches is between $45 – $155.

3.  A cracked iPhone screen may prevent certain features of the phone to work. As I mentioned above, the iPhone uses touchscreen technology and depending on where the crack is located, you might not be able to use all the features of your phone.  Furthermore, even though the crack is on the outside of your phone, it may break some of the internal parts as well which will also affect features of your iPhone.

In the end, it’s extremely important to repair your cracked iPhone screen.  Even though the crack might look small, it can spread and can cause features of your phone not to work as well as safety issues.  Another way to preserve your screen is to consider purchasing a screen protector. Make sure you drop in to a Switch Wireless location and have one of our iPhone repair specialists take a look.  Don’t forget, no appointment is needed and we’ll fix your iPhone within two hours.

Do you have scary stories to share about how you damaged your iPhone? Please share them in the comments below!