Why You Should Choose Authorized iPhone Repair in Sarasota

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re looking for iPhone servicing in the Sarasota region. Cost is often the deciding factor when people decide where to go for their iPhone repair, but we’re here to tell you that you should also choose an authorized iPhone repair shop. Prices are often the same and you’re also guaranteed a high level of service. Here’s a true story about why you should choose an authorized iPhone repair shop:

authorized iphone repair sarasotaImagine you’re landing in Sydney, Australia after a very long flight. You see smoke rising from the seat in front of you and all of a sudden an iPhone flies over your head into the aisle where a flight attended blasts it with a fire extinguisher. Not exactly the fun you had in mind when booking your trip right? That’s exactly what happened on November 25, 2011 on a Regional Express flight in Australia according to the Sydney Morning Post.

The iPhone in question was sent to the United States for technical examinations where it was discovered that a incorrectly installed screw was the culprit. The screw was misplaced in the battery bay which caused the battery to short circuit and smoke while the plane landed in¬†Australia. The final report stated that an “unauthorized repair facility” had failed to exercise appropriate quality control on the iPhone during repair. This was also the first instance of this type of accident happening on an aircraft in Australia.

This story re-integrates the importance of choosing an authorized iPhone repair shop when looking for smartphone repair in Sarasota.  Can you imagine how terrible it would feel to be the iPhone owner on that flight? I bet they wished they had chosen an authorized iPhone repair shop!

Authorized iPhone Repair in Sarasota

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