5 iPhone Related Gifts to Give Mom this Year

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Do you know what you’re getting your favorite lady this year? If your mom prizes her iPhone almost as much as her beloved children, this is the perfect post for you! Without further ado, here are our top 5 iPhone related gifts to give mom this year:

iPhone Apps

The App Store gift cards are a great choice when you’re not sure which Apple product to buy. With hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from, your mom will definitely appreciate this gift. 

iphone mothers dayiPhone Cases

Apple says it best. Give your mom a stylish way to be overly protective with an exclusive iPhone case created by top designers. For example, the Michael Kors Essential Zip Wallet for the iPhone 5 comes with an included wallet that zippers on three sides. There are pockets for credit cards and a matching detachable wrist strap. Your Mom will love the Michael Kors iconic gold details.

iPhone Repair

Cheer your mom up by getting her iPhone repaired if she happens to have a cracked screen or she dropped her iPhone in the bath tub by mistake. Check out our iPhone repair section for more information.

iPhone Batteries

Does your mom check Facebook from bed before she gets up in the morning? Does she text you every hour on the hour? Get her a Mophie Battery Case! It’s an external case that charges her iPhone on the go. Colors include black, white and maroon. You’ll thank us later.

iPhone Headphones

Does your mom listen to podcasts or music on her iPhone? Is she sporting earphones instead of ear buds? Even if she’s not a fan of Lady Gaga, we’re sure she’ll love Heartbeats by Lady Gag In-Ear Headphones. Gunmetal studs hang on a white leather cord. They came with a built-in remote, tangle-free cables, high-performance acoustics and a built-in mic for calls.

Don’t forget, Apple offers free engraving if you purchase your Mother’s Day gift online. You must complete your order by May 2, 2013 to get it on time. If you’re interested in having your Mom’s iPhone repaired, drop by anytime. We look forward to seeing you!