3 Ways to Protect Yourself with Your iPhone!

We know you love your iPhone but did you know your iPhone can actually protect you? It’s true! According to the Business Insider, there are a number of new iPhone accessories that are meant to protect you in times of need. Here at Switch Wireless, we love keeping you up to date on everything related to the iPhone. ¬†Without further ado, here are three iPhone apps that can protect you:

iPhone Taser Case

For just $139, you can purchase an iPhone taser case. You’ll have 650,000 volts of power at your disposal just in case you need it. The taser case comes in black, pink, white and yellow. Please note the iPhone taser case is only currently available for the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

iphone protectioniPhone Pepper Spray

This is the perfect iPhone case for people that have to walk through empty parking lots late at night. For just $48.68, you can arm yourself with iPhone pepper spray. Should the need arise where you need protection, detach the pepper spray unit from the iPhone case and the spray is ready for use. Rest assured, there are safety mechanisms to keep the pepper spray from being released by accident.

The iPhone Knife

Why carry a pocketknife when you can add a spunky little utility knife to your iPhone via case. The Adapt XT adds a quality knife to your iPhone as well as a screwdriver, bottle opener and a variety of wrenches. The knife is pretty small at 1.5 inches but it’s still a knife! The case is actually designed to be a tool case but you can still use it for protection.

We hope you enjoyed our post on how to defend yourself with your iPhone. We use our iPhone’s for everything including banking, social networking, appointment setting and much more. Now you can use your iPhone for personal protection. Would you feel comfortable defending yourself with your iPhone? Will you be purchasing any of the above iPhone cases? We look forward to hearing from you in the comments below!